Hiking, horseback and off-road tourism - a walk in the wild nature of Kalofer Balkan with different difficulty and long-lasting routes.

  • Kalofer - Rai hut - Raiskoto praskalo waterfall - Kalofer
  • Kalofer - Rai hut - Botev peak - Kalofer
  • Kalofer - Rai hut - Botev peak - Tuja hut - Kalofer
  • Kalofer - Rai hut - Botev peak - Pleven hut - Hubavets hut
  • Kalofer - "Holy Virgin" Pokor - eco trail Byala reka - Male monastery - Kalofer

Extreme motoring tourism

  • Kalofer - Botev peak - Kalofer - 1 day. The route is an extreme off-road carriage on alpine roads to conquer the highest mountain peak of Botev.
  • Kalofer - Kamenlivitsa area - about 2 hours on the way to the hut "Rai"

Entertainment and attractions

You can diversify your stay and visit some of the many sights or places of relaxation and entertainment nearby. Historical and cultural landmarks
  • Kazanlak: Thracian Tomb, Historical Museum, Rose Museum
  • The valley of the Thracian kings: the tombs of Big and Little Cosmata, the Ostrusha mound, etc..
  • Shipka: temple memorial "Nativity of Christ"
  • Shipka National Park-Museum
  • Karlovo - ethnographic complex - "Ancient Karlovo", tradition, customs
  • Karlovo: House Museum of Vasil Levski, Historical Museum
  • Sopot: Ivan Vazov House Museum, Voyvoda Bogorodichno Monastery"
  • Hissar: Roman Fortress Town, Thermals and Amphitheater, Archaeological Museum
  • Starosel: archaeological finds of an ancient Thracian settlement
Balneological centers
  • Pavel Banya: Mineral Baths and Mineral Waters, SPA and Healing Procedures
  • City of Banya: mineral baths and mineral swimming pool open all year round, spa and healing procedures, mud treatment
  • Hissar - outdoor and indoor mineral pools and SPA
  • Fishing: Koprinka Dam, Domlyan Dam, Tundja River and Byala Reka River
  • Karlovo: Waterfall "Surcham"
  • Starosel: wine cellar "Starosel"