No matter whether you are just passing through the city or coming to vacation, Chardaka is the house that offers guest rooms in Kalofer, where you will be warmly welcomed by the housewoman Ina as long-awaited and dear friends. This is where you will feel at home, as a guest at Mum, a place where caring is flying and the spirit rests. Here you can feel the tranquility of nature, the embrace of the Balkan as well as the fighting spirit of the Revival, which is not felt anywhere in Bulgaria, as in Kalofer.

The house deserves its name with the high veranda, from where you can enjoy the view of the pine forests of the Koshovite area when you relax, eat or relax. There are spacious rooms for two, three or four people, each with a bathroom, cable TV and Wi-Fi. Depending on the accommodation, the house collects 12 to 14 adults.

Come to Chardaka and do not leave your pets - they are also welcome to us!

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Kalofer 4370, 35 Kalifer Voivoda str.
Phone: +359 889 472 411
GPS coordinates: N42.61233 E24.97096
E-mail: chardaka@gmail.com